> Doggy Olympics 2012

> Poppy Face Painting 2013

My goodness nothing could have prepared me for the enthusiasm of the Colour Workers. It was just a chance happening that brought a group of young and slightly older members together!! The age range is ten plus.

We have been working for a year, and our aim is just not to help others feel happy but to support various charities whilst supporting out own church.

We recently supported the riding for the disabled at Bromham and Frances Leonard has taken some lovely photos which some very kind parents said we could display on our website.

We are supporting All Saints at their fete this year and we were very busy at the fun Jubilee party we had recently. I think we were painting Union Jacks in our sleep!!

The All Saints Fayre last year was pretty busy and also The Christmas Tree Festival was memorable for us all.

We were delighted to be asked to paint faces at St Pauls, Bedford last year and indeed again for their Jubilee this year. St James have used our services for their Christmas Fair and we  were thrilled when Kate Jones  asked us to support the Jubilee at Biddenham this year.

We are not earning great amounts of money but we are supporting the Community and the Church in different ways.We do have an opportunity to talk to people and for us this is  mission reaching out to others and at the same time we are learning more skills and developing our own friendships. We have 14 members, five adults and nine young people. Sadly we have no male-face painters at the moment but you never know!

We are always looking for potential face-painters so if you are interested even if this is something that you have not done before we are able to help you with the craft  and soon you will be painting, butterflies, rabbits. lions, tigers, dogs, peacocks and many, many more.

Please contact Helen Sheen on helen.m.sheen@btinternet.com  for further information either to join us or arrange for the All Saints Colour Workers to visit your event or party.